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About Friends of Glass
Our mission is to promote glass packaging and glass recycling. Which is a vital task, since glass would slowly disappear if nobody were to mind. And if we may be frank, glass makes for a better life and a better world in general. Your choices will make a difference. So do as we do and become a Friend of Glass.

We support Friends of Glass
Yioula Glassworks supports the Friends of Glass movement across Europe and particularly in the countries where the company operates.

5 good reasons to choose glass

Discover why glass is the clear choice

Glass is the clear choice. For you. For your family. And for the environment.

Here are 5 good reasons why...

1. Glass respects nature and you

It's bad form to refuse a gift. Especially when it comes straight from Mother Nature. Look what she's given us: a splendid mix of 3 non-toxic, natural materials which add up to be the most environmentally friendly packaging. Glass.

2. Glass has class

No other material matches the sheer beauty and craftsmanship that goes into producing glass.

3. Glass recycles your way of thinking

Glass is unique. It is the only 100% recyclable packaging material. In fact, it can be recycled again and again. And again. With the result that less energy and natural resources are used. Which is good for all of us.

4. Glass says cheers to your health

Glass is inert. That means your food never tastes like glass. Glass is in fact the only packaging material that doesn't need extra layers to protect your wine or beans from tasting like anything but wine and beans. If you like good food, the choice is clear as ... well, glass.

5. Glass has 5000 years of experience

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